3D and 4D

What is 3D and 4D?

3D is a technique that captures three dimensional pictures of the baby in the uterus. It is a safe and an excellent modality to rule out any fetal anomalies. It is a reliable method to confirm fetal anomalies seen by 2D general ultrasound done for anomalies.  3D also has made the identification of some subtle fetal abnormality easier such as harelip or club foot which may be missed by conventional ultrasound.

4D is a three dimensional moving video of the baby. It can be captured on CD for your viewing and pleasure. You may be able to see your child moving, winking, blinking, smiling, swallowing or even sucking thumb. Studies have shown that 4D enables mother and family bonding with the baby before birth.

Best time for 3D and 4D is 6 - 8 months (22 – 30 weeks) of pregnancy.

Opening Mouth 2

Shake My Hand
Sleeping 36 WKS Sucking Thumb 2