About us

Tanveer Ultrasound Clinic is a reputable and well established radiology center under the wing of one of the most senior female radiologist in Pakistan, Dr Tanveer Zubairi. Since over 30 years Dr Tanveer has been committed in providing the best ultrasound diagnostic facility to physicians of all medical fields. Patients are referred to TUC not only from Karachi but also from all over Sindh.  TUC is now a house hold name providing consistent and reliable interpretations.

Initially the center started with ultrasound however now we also have x-ray and fluoroscopy unit for all typed of conventional x-rays and barium contrast studies. We have purchased a fluoroscopic unit with tilting table to cater to all types of fluoroscopic procedures.

We are pleased to inform you that we have also started digital radiography.


  • Dr Tanveer Zubairi
  • Dr Sikandar Rafique Quraishi
  • Dr Shakira Khan


  • Dr. Rasheda Liaqat
  • Dr. Raheela Azeem
  • Dr Samreen Arif
  • Dr. Saba Ahsan Rizvi
  • Dr Subbohi Chishti
  • Dr Kishwar kauser
  • Dr Tahira Jamali
  • Dr Kavita Jay
  • Dr Sheela Vanti
  • Dr Shaheena Siddique
  • Dr Hira Siraj


  • Dr. Khalid Khan