Few Words About Us

Tanveer Ultrasound Clinic

Tanveer Ultrasound Clinic was established in 1987 by Dr. Tanveer Zubairi who is the senior most female radiologist in Pakistan. As a pioneer in ultrasound, Dr. Tanveer has established a reputable name in the medical community of excellence and expertise in all types of ultrasounds. Click to read more about Dr Tanveer Zubairi.

TUC has two well established and easily accessible clinics in Karachi, with a dedicated team of radiologists and sonologists, as well as a friendly staff.

What we do

What Makes Us Different

For your convenience, TUC has two centers in different parts of the city and a team of well-trained radiologists and sonologists.


Imaging of Female Infertility

TUC is the only center that performs all 3 procedures; Saline Sonohysterogram, Contrast Hysterosalpingogram and X-ray Hysterosalpingogram

Qualified Team

Our team consists of more than 14 highly trained Doctors with an accumulated experience of over 150 years.

3D/4D Ultrasound

We are the only center with expertise and abundant experience in Obstetrics and Transvaginal 3D/4D Ultrasound.

Reporting Time

Except for the reports of a few tests all reports are given on the same day.